2021-09-17 - George Leopold

DARPA Seeks an Interoperable ‘Space Layer’

Reconfigurable optical links could connect commercial, government satellites that currently can't converse.

2021-07-14 - Microchip Technology Inc.

Microchip First to Achieve JEDEC Qualification for RT FPGA in Plastic Package

Microchip's radiation-tolerant FPGA offers the low cost of a JEDEC-qualified plastic package plus the proven reliability of RTG4 FPGA technology.

2021-05-24 - Albert Lo

How Rad-Hard ICs are Improving Telemetry Circuit Design

Accurate telemetry data used to monitor the satellite health can help set a baseline for nominal operation.

2021-05-20 - Keysight Technologies Inc.

Keysight Signal Analyzer Enables mmWave Testing

Keysight's N9042B UXA X-Series signal analyzer solution enables customers to test the performance of mmWave innovations in 5G, aerospace and…

2021-05-19 - George Leopold

SpaceX Expands Starlink Connection to Google Cloud

SpaceX will install Starlink ground stations in Google data centers for faster connections.

2021-05-14 - Gary Hilson

Infineon SRAM Aiming for the Stars

Radiation hardening and low power allows for smarter on-board satellite data processing, using Infineon's new SRAMs.

2021-04-28 - George Leopold

Honeywell Unveils Jam-proof GPS Technologies

Inertial navigation sensors include infrared cameras, celestial navigation and magnetic-anomaly detection.

2021-04-02 - George Leopold

Good Luck to the All-civilian Inspiration4 Crew

SpaceX will soon launch an all-civilian crew for its Inspiration4 mission. Is the adventure worth the risk?

2021-01-06 - George Leopold

Tech Investors Double Down on AI, Commercial Space

Venture funding has resumed flowing into these two key technology sectors, which investors see as both the hottest and safest…

2020-12-21 - Gary Hilson

Next-Gen Intel Optane Expanding Capacity with QLC NAND

The latest Optane drives are aimed at both data center and the client, with the latter also leveraging the company’s…

2020-11-20 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Wireless Charging for Robots on the Moon

WiBotic has announced a partnership with Astrobotic, Bosch, and the University of Washington to develop and market wireless charging solutions…

2020-11-05 - Judith M. Myerson

Space Radiation Poses Challenge for Electronics

The demand for higher integration, smaller size, and improved power efficiency translate into new challenges for rad-hard IC development...