2021-02-24 - Egil Juliussen

Time to Look at the Unintended Consequences of ADAS

Driver assistance technology could have unintended consequences. Could people end up losing their driving skills, and what might that mean?

2021-01-26 - Colin Barnden

Driving Towards the Democratization of Safety

It's time to democratize safety. Sure, the tech industry preaches about safety and highlights the failings of humans as drivers.…

2020-12-21 - Junko Yoshida

How DMS & ADAS Can Work Together

Driver monitoring system (DMS) technology, seemingly relegated to the back burner, is sneaking back into safety discussions.

2020-10-28 - Junko Yoshida

Interview with ON Semi’s Ross Jatou on ADAS & AVs

An interview with On Semi's Ross Jatou about his company's growth strategy in the ADAS and autonomous vehicle markets, and…

2020-10-27 - Anne-Françoise Pelé

Key Considerations When Implementing Sensors in Vehicles

Experts on the integration of sensors in vehicles talked about the six fundamental considerations for the right sensor mix, at…

2020-10-06 - Egil Juliussen

When AV Software Meets Human Driver…

A key question about autonomous vehicle (AV) technology is whether an AV software driver can match the capabilities of human…

2020-09-28 - Junko Yoshida

China’s Geely to Feature Mobileye SuperVision for Scalable ADAS

China's Geely Auto Group will, in late 2021, deplo Mobileye’s “full stack,” 360-degree camera-only ADAS solution to power Level 2+…

2020-09-10 - Junko Yoshida

New S-Class: Throwing the Kitchen-Sink at Luxury

The new S-Class strikes me as throwing the kitchen sink at the next generation of “luxury” cars. Mercedes-Benz crammed into…

2020-09-08 - Colin Barnden

Qualcomm Takes On Nvidia for Nex-Gen ADAS/AV Systems

Join me on a journey around the world, from San Diego to Stockholm and Canberra, in which we dissect another…

2020-08-28 - Vince Arneja

Implementing a Hybrid Approach to Eliminate Software Defects in ADAS Features

As shown by a recent study by the American Automobile Association, safety-critical automotive applications are not exactly free from software…