2020-12-07 - Sally Ward-Foxton

Intel Benchmarks for Loihi Neuromorphic Computing Chip

Intel presents quantitative benchmark results for its Loihi neuromorphic chip for the first time. It intends to lead the way…

2019-12-20 - Matthew Burgess

Taiwan: Small Island, Big Potential

Intelligent bedsheets and insulin pens with universal connectors; a glimpse at the medical startups who are joining Taiwan's burgeoning startup…

2019-12-09 - Sally Ward-Foxton

Could Intel Be Considering Another AI Acquisition?

Rumors abound that Habana Labs may be in discussions with the computing giant — which already owns Nervana.

2019-11-04 - Sally Ward-Foxton

‘No-Show’ Groq Peeks Their Head Out

Secretive AI accelerator startup emerges from stealth mode.

2019-09-11 - Sally Ward-Foxton

Market for Cloud AI Chipsets to Double in Next 5yrs

The opportunity for AI accelerator chips is much-hyped, but who is actually selling chips today?

2019-09-02 - Sally Ward-Foxton

Details of Secretive Startup’s AI Accelerator Emerge

Mixing memory, control and compute blocks, keeps data local to achieve 26 TOPS, 3 TOPS/W.

2019-08-30 - Junko Yoshida

Should AI Chips Come with Their Own DNN?

DeepScale argues AI chips and sensor systems should come with DNNs optimized for the application. It will fundamentally change how…

2019-08-22 - Rick Merritt

Huawei: Covering all the Bases in AI

Huawei's DaVinci AI accelerators aim to serve everything from wearables to data centers, said an R&D engineer at Hot Chips.

2019-06-05 - Sanjay Charagulla

HBM2e Top Contender for AI Applications

HBM2e and GDDR6 DRAMs are vying for AI applications. However, HBM2e has a competitive edge. But you be the judge

2019-04-01 - Rick Merritt

Open Source Initiative Outlines Interfaces and Issues

A group of mainly small- and medium-sized vendors took its first steps toward building a standard for semiconductors assembled from…

2019-03-29 - Rick Merritt

TinyML: Opportunities Bigger than the Challenges

200 engineers and researchers gathered in California to discuss forming a community to cultivate deep learning in ultra-low power systems,…

2017-08-22 - Brookhaven Lab

Small Accelerator, Big Promise

Brookhaven Lab used a 3-D printer and permanent magnets to produce a proof-of-concept desktop electron-beam accelerator for physics research and…