2020-06-03 - George Leopold

A Marriage of IC Security with System-Level Synthesis

A new U.S. design initiative would help silicon architects achieve system-level synthesis while incorporating security into the design process...

2019-08-13 - Junko Yoshida

AVs & EDA Speaking the Same Language

Foretellix co-founders believe car OEMs cannot verify the safety of an AV through miles-driven only. They focus on the quality…

2019-08-02 - Dylan McGrath

Blog: EDA’s Revenue Bump

With the world's two largest economies embroiled in a trade war, it has caoe as a shock that EDA revenue…

2019-07-19 - Dylan McGrath

Is De Geus the Most Important Person in EDA History?

Thirty-three years after helping found what is now the largest EDA vendor, Aart de Geus still loves the constant evolution…

2019-06-12 - Loring Wirbel

EEs Pushed into the Gig Economy

Consider advanced logic design: high-tech specialization was supposed to provide some immunity to being considered a short-term employment prospect

2019-06-11 - Junko Yoshida

The Point Where IoT, AI & Quantum Computing Intersect

They intersect where data is growing exponentially. After that, it gets complicated. Happily, a panel at DAC waded into the…

2019-04-16 - Luffy Liu, EETimes China

China and it’s Pursuit for Chip Self-Sufficiency (Part 2)

IC industry executives in China discuss the current semiconductor market and what needs to happen in order for the country…

2019-01-18 - Rick Merritt

What’s Next for the Semiconductor Industry?

The semiconductor industry needs to find ways to reduce the cost of EDA tools and IP as well as chip…

2018-07-09 - Dylan McGrath, EE Times

Cadence, Mentor Announce Cloud Services

At this year's Design Automation Conference

2018-07-06 - Dylan McGrath, EE Times

Synopsys and Mentor in Patent Settlement

Long-running patent dispute ends in settlement and collaboration agreement