2021-09-07 - Keysight Technologies Inc.

Keysight and MediaTek Achieve 6Gbps Data Speeds with 5G Sub-6 3CC 300MHz CA Connectivity

Keysight and MediaTek have achieved 6Gbps data throughput speeds by aggregating three 5G new radio carriers (3CC CA) 300MHz bandwidth…

2021-09-07 - John Walko

Huawei Exec Likens Corporation to a Startup

Huawei has been forced to adopt the mentality of a startup as a result of US and other Western countries'…

2021-09-06 - Margot Deruyck, WAVES

Unique Research Tool Sheds Light on One of Telecom Operators’ Best-kept Secrets

Researchers from imec and Ghent University have built a comprehensive network design tool that helps service providers better prepare for…

2021-09-06 - Gareth Smith, Eggplant

How 5G Will Power a New Retail Experience

Here are four examples of the innovation that the retail industry can expect with 5G.

2021-09-03 - Qualcomm Technologies Inc.

Ericsson and Qualcomm Achieve First 5G NR Call on CBRS Spectrum

Ericsson and Qualcomm have successfully completed the first over-the-air 5G New Radio call on CBRS spectrum in a recent field…

2021-09-02 - NXP Semiconductors

Balancing the Trade-offs of Making 5G a Working Reality

5G is more than just an overlay on the previous generation—it's a seismic shift that brings fundamental change at every…

2021-09-01 - Jing Wang, Mouser Electronics

5G Enables AI to Unleash Its Vast Potential

Take a look at how 5G can push AI to release its full potential and few application scenarios.

2021-08-30 - Qualcomm Technologies Inc.

Qualcomm and ZTE Achieve Landmark 5G mmWave Results

Qualcomm and ZTE successfully showcased features required in anticipation of 5G mmWave rollouts in China.

2021-08-27 - Keysight Technologies Inc.

Keysight Joins Google Cloud Partner Initiative

Keysight has joined Google Cloud's partner initiative to support agile orchestration of innovative 5G services at the network edge.

2021-08-24 - Sally Ward-Foxton

EdgeQ Samples 5G Basestation-on-a-Chip

EdgeQ's software defined basestation chip offers acceleration for 5G and AI functions.

2021-08-23 - EE Times Asia

EE Times Asia to Hold Webinar on New Opportunities and Ecosystems in 5G

EE Times Asia will be holding a webinar on 29 September 2021 to provide insights into the latest developments in…

2021-08-18 - John Walko

Communications Infrastructure Investments Set to Soar

The global communications infrastructure market is on a roll, but the pace of growth is not universally consistent.