2020-09-08 - John Walko

U.S. FCC Auction Frees Up Mid-Band Spectrum for 5G

Verizon spent big in the latest FCC auction, along with Dish and Comcast. AT&T sat this one out, apparently waiting…

2020-09-07 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Intel Collaborates with ADI On Open 5G Radio Platform

The two companies are collaborating on solutions for open-RAN 5G radio units (RUs)⋯

2020-09-04 - Brian Santo

Open Source RIC Controller Preps for 5G Prime Time

The creation of a functional 5G open RAN controller will be critical for the open RAN movement...

2020-09-01 - John Walko

The Latest Iteration of 5G Standards Nailed Down

The 3GPP organization — which has been overseeing the specifications and standards for cellular technologies from the early days —…

2020-09-01 - TrendForce

Broadcom Overtakes Qualcomm as Largest IC Design House in 2Q20

Broadcom overtakes Qualcomm for first place while Nvidia scores highest YoY growth in 2Q20 revenue ranking of global Top 10…

2020-08-31 - Alan Patterson

Marvell Joins TSMC’s Upper Echelon Customers of 5nm Chips

Marvell is filling the void where HiSilicon used to be, both in the market and at TSMC...

2020-08-28 - IDC

Strong 5G Push Expected to Bring the Market Back to Growth in 2021

Global smartphone shipments expected to drop nearly 10% in 2020, but a strong 5G push is expected to bring the…

2020-08-28 - Brian Santo

Industry Executives Weigh In on How Trade War Impacts 5G

Cisco, Qualcomm, and Inseego tried to explain how trade policy is affecting 5G technology. It didn't go so well⋯

2020-08-21 - TrendForce

Analysis: Impacts of Expanded U.S. Sanctions Against Huawei on Five Major Tech Industries

TrendForce provides the analyses on the impacts that the expanded sanctions against Huawei have on five tech industries, including semiconductors,…

2020-08-18 - Strategy Analytics

5G Smartphone Test Results Underscore Value of Millimeter Wave

So Far, Qualcomm-equipped Millimeter Wave Smartphones Fastest of All...