StarFive Starts Delivery of High-Performance RISC-V CPU Core IP “Dubhe”

Article By : StarFive Technology Co. Ltd

StarFive has announced the official delivery of what is said to be the world's highest-performance RISC-V CPU Core IP: "Dubhe".

At the RISC-V Summit 2021, StarFive Technology Co. Ltd, one of the leaders in RISC-V software and hardware ecosystem in China, has announced the official delivery of what is said to be the world’s highest-performance RISC-V CPU Core IP, codenamed “Dubhe”, to its customers.

As we all know, Big Dipper always points to the North Star. Dubhe, the closest to Polaris among Big Dipper, guides the direction for six other stars. The name “Dubhe” implies that this RISC-V CPU Core IP is the pioneer of RISC-V products in high-performance applications.

As a 64-bit high performance CPU Core IP based on RISC-V, Dubhe offers the most complete instruction sets so far, including RV64GC, B (Bit Manipulation), N (User-Level Interrupts), and instruction sets needed for high-performance computing, including V (Vector 1.0) and H (Hypervisor). Dubhe is a super scaler design with deep out of order execution, and is highly optimized for performance.

Dubhe has attracted tremendous amount of attention from the industry since its announcement last December. Customers from data center, PC, mobile device, high-performance network communication, and machine learning sectors are engaging with StarFive for collaboration.  According to customer evaluations, the working frequency of Dubhe can reach 2GHz at TSMC 12nm, with SPECint2006 of 8.9/GHz, Dhrystone of 6.6 DMIPS/MHz and CoreMark of 7.6/MHz. Customers believes that Dubhe is an ideal processor core to meet their requirements in new products.

Dubhe’s delivery is not only an important milestone for StarFive’s high-end processor core product line, it also shows that RISC-V is entering high-end mainstream applications. StartFive is committed to continuing its innovation in RISC-V ecosystem, and to bringing RISC-V into a new level by close collaboration with partners and customers.


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