STAr Technologies and World Leading Foundry Collaborate to Complete the Development of Fine Pitch Probe Cards for Pre-Bumped Wafer Tests

Article By : STAr Technologies

STAr Technologies is partnering with one of the leading foundries worldwide in development of fine-pitch MEMS pre-bump probe cards.

STAr Technologies Inc., the leading semiconductor test probe card manufacturer, announced a collaborative achievement with one of world leading foundries in the successful development of fine pitch MEMS pre-bump probe cards for pre-bumped wafer test and reliability qualification. These probe cards and with probe heads assembled on the same probe cards PCBs and space transformers as bumped test probe cards, further reducing the cost of pre-bumped wafer sort. This technology shortens early-stage process technology yield ramp and enables faster time to high-volume-production to address the growing global chip demand in the semiconductor industry.

To a wafer foundry, engineering wafers present a wealth of process improvement opportunities that are often not harvested because of additional bumping cost and production wafers test priorities. The over reliance on bump probing becomes a bottleneck to accelerate yield learning.

In this joint project, STAr Technologies and the world leading foundry overcome this gridlock by reverse engineering a bump probe card assembly to include pre-bump probing flexibility. This solution does not require sensitive product information to be shared by design houses and saves cost and time to qualification.

STAr Aries Optima MEMS Fine Pitch Probe Card and Sideview of the MEMS Pointed Needles

Dr. Jeffrey Lam, GM & VP Engineering of STAr Technologies said, “Semiconductor test holds the key to manufacturing excellence. Both volume and quality test is essential to ensure on-time mass production. We are glad to overcome the challenges of enabling pre-bump probing in FAB by leveraging our probe block interposer (PBI) and redistribution (RDL) routing MEMS probe technology to build a fine-pitch probe head for multisite wafer test.”


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