ST Joins ZETA Alliance to Promote Emerging Long-Range IoT Connectivity Standard

Article By : STMicroelectronics

ST has joined the ZETA Alliance, the industry body promoting ZETA LPWAN technology for low-cost long-range IoT connectivity...

STMicroelectronics has joined the ZETA Alliance, the industry body promoting ZETA Low-Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technology for low-cost long-range IoT connectivity.

ZETA technology is quickly becoming established throughout China, Japan, and beyond, bringing together innovative wireless technologies that enable low-power, low-cost devices to rely on robust connections over extended distances. In addition, native support for mesh networking, which allows peer-to-peer communication among the network nodes, boosts network coverage and resilience.

Joining the Alliance as a Promoter member, ST expects ZETA technology to further accelerate the spread of IoT in all territories worldwide. The standard lets developers create high-value IoT-based solutions to challenges that face extreme cost constraints.

ST is working with ZiFiSense to port the technology to the highly integrated STM32WL wireless System-on-Chip (SoC) devices, which combine ultra-low-power microcontroller functionality with a wireless stage certified to international radio-equipment regulations on the same chip.

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