Spreadtrum integrates Qualtera’s Silicondash

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Spreadtrum has selected Qualtera's Silicondash for real-time supply chain monitoring.

Qualtera SAS, provider of integrated enterprise solutions for big data analytics (BDA) for semiconductor manufacturing and test operations, has announced that Spreadtrum Communications will integrate Qualtera's Silicondash platform in their global supply chain in a move aimed at further increasing IC quality control, supply chain visibility, IC-level traceability and overall efficiency of yield management.

Capitalising on the latest big data and stream computing technologies, Silicondash provides exceptional capabilities for the integration, alignment and analytics of high-volume manufacturing and test data across the entire semiconductor supply chain. Reliable in-line control strategies running on real-time compute engines ensure that manufacturing issues are automatically and instantly detected and prevented, providing customers with significant cost reductions while improving IC quality control and engineering speed and efficiency.

Figure 1: Illustration of in-line and off-line collection and control. (Source: Qualtera)

"At Spreadtrum we serve mobility and automotive markets that require a steep product ramp, rapid scaling and high device quality. Silicondash enables us to have instant visibility and full control of our global production operations. Through the entire product lifecycle, from product introduction to mass production, and across the entire supply chain, from foundry to packaged parts. The instantaneous responses and insights provided by Silicondash help us to improve our product quality while increasing our speed and efficiency to achieve business goals and satisfy our customer needs,” said Brian Chen, VP of Operations at Spreadtrum.

"We are delighted that after extensive evaluation, Spreadtrum Communications decided for the adoption of Silicondash. It rewards years of R&D and innovation, and shows the enormous benefits that high-performance big data analytics bring to semiconductor manufacturing, and opens up the fast growing semiconductor market in China to our solutions and our company" said Paul Simon, EVP of Marketing and Asia Business Operations at Qualtera.

Figure 2: The Silicondash generates reliable analytical results in real-time. (Source: Qualtera)

Silicondash is a product of years of semiconductor manufacturing and test expertise built into an all-in-one platform incorporating proprietary data models, analytical algorithms and high-speed stream compute engines. The latest in cloud and big data technologies ensure secure data transfer and storage while generating highly reliable analytical results in real-time and allowing systematic and reproducible data mining. Silicondash provides both off-line and in-line modules to address the data analytics needs in the supply chains of fabless companies, IDMs, foundries and OSATs. Customers collect data throughout their supply chain in real-time, at part level, directly from test equipment. The platform’s analytical engines and API’s then allow for control strategies to be easily developed, simulated and applied throughout the supply chain for real-time issue detection, decision and action. Silicondash-Offline modules include advanced analytics, high-speed data visualisation, simulation and modelling capabilities required for advanced analytics and engineering at different stages of the product lifecycle. Currently Silicondash is deployed in high volume production at multiple companies in Asia, U.S. and Europe.

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