2022-04-14 - Stephen Las Marias

Interview with fast SiC CEO CT Yen

fast SiC CEO CT Yen talks about the advantages of using SiC, some of the challenges in SiC manufacturing, and his outlook for the industry.

2022-04-08 - Stephen Las Marias

CGD’s Andrea Bricconi Talks GaN Technology

CGD's Andrea Bricconi talks about why GaN technology is a perfect fit for the many changes happening in the power management industry.

2022-03-31 - Tektronix

Accurately Measuring High Speed GaN Transistors

The increase in switching speed offered by GaN transistors requires good measurement technology, as well as good techniques to capture important details of high-speed waveforms.

2022-03-30 - Siran Wang, Monolithic Power Systems Inc.

Elevating High-Density Adapter Designs with Integrated Capacitive Isolation

The demand for fast charging has driven the unprecedented evolution of high-density adapters.

2022-03-28 - Ray-Hua Horng

The Principles, Advantages and Industry Prospects of Fourth Generation Semiconductor Ga2O3 Technology

While high-power, high-frequency SiC and GaN-based third generation components and systems are becoming widely used, fourth generation ultra-wide bandgap gallium oxide, diamond and other new generation materials are gaining popularity.

2022-03-25 - Christopher Loberg, Tektronix

Measuring SiC MOSFET Signals Effectively

The switching characteristics that make SiC MOSFETs attractive also pose challenges for accurate validation measurements.

2022-03-23 - imec

Monolithic Integration of GaN Components Boosts Power Integrated Circuits

Stefaan Decoutere of imec talks about the successful co-integration of Schottky barrier diodes and depletion-mode HEMTs on a p-GaN HEMT-based 200V GaN-on-SOI smart power IC platform.

2022-03-21 - Reinhard Zimmermann, RECOM Power GmbH

Making Transistor Circuits More Robust in Power Electronics

SiC FETs have been seeing increasing use in more demanding applications, as they allow higher switching frequencies while reducing switching losses.

2022-03-18 - Takamasa Arai, Ryo Takeda, Bernhard Holzinger, and Michael Zimmerman, and Mike Hawes, Keysight

Dynamic On-Resistance Measurement Technique for GaN Power Transistors

This article discusses a measurement technique of dynamic on-state resistance using a double pulse test system with a clamp circuit.

2022-03-11 - Dr. Paul Kierstead and Jianwen Shao, Wolfspeed

Silicon Carbide Meets Power V2G Demands in EV Fast-Charger Market

Here's a look at how SiC technology continues to be a leading solution for power and vehicle-to-grid (V2G) demands in the fast growing fast-charger market.

2022-03-10 - Peter Friedrichs

The Benefits and Use Cases of SiC MOSFETs

The article provides some insights on why SiC technology is so fascinating to engineers.

- Hwee Yng Yeo, Keysight Technologies

The Energy Ecosystem—Technologies Driving the Future of E-Mobility

Increasingly, designers are switching to SiC and GaN power devices to leverage faster switching frequencies, as well as higher voltage and thermal operation ranges in EVs.