EE Times Asia In Focus puts the spotlight on the latest trends and issues happening in the electronics and semiconductor industry. It explores a technology and business topic from a variety of viewpoints to meet the needs of multiple stakeholders in the development and deployment of that technology. From designers to business managers, EE Times Asia’s audiences will get task-specific insights and guidance for understanding technology and business issues, provided in a collection of different articles from different industry stakeholders.

In Focus: Automotive Electronics

We look at the developments in the automotive electronics sector, supply/demand scenario, and how suppliers are keeping up with rising…

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Green Engineering

Global warming and climate change are among the megatrends shaping the future of the world. Here’s a look at the…

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GaN/SiC Developments

Power management applications in the booming EV sector are fueling demand for SiC and GaN components. We look into the…

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In Focus: Medical Electronics

What developments have been happening in the medical electronics sector? Find out in this month's In Focus series.

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In Focus: 2022 Outlook

What trends will drive the electronics industry in 2022? Will the supply chain issue ease up soon? Find out more…

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In Focus: Supply Chain

One year on, how have manufacturers adapted to the ongoing components shortage, and what's the outlook for 2022?

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In Focus: Industrial Automation

November's In Focus topic looks at the challenges in and progress of manufacturers’ transition to smarter factories.

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In Focus: Electric Vehicles

This month's In Focus looks at the latest developments, challenges, opportunities, and strategies in the electric vehicle (EV) space.

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In Focus: 5G

What are the challenges and how is the 5G ecosystem shaping up? Find out more.

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In Focus: Power Management

This month’s In Focus highlights the various design developments and manufacturing strategies happening in the power management segment.

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In Focus: Test and Measurement

Amid the latest trends and developments in the electronics industry, how is the test and measurement industry keeping up?

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The New Tech Cold War Has Begun

What are the consequences of the high-stakes technology contest between China and the U.S.? Find out more on our Special…

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