Sounds Great Next-gen Speakers Distributing the Audio Experience on Consumer Electronic Devices

Article By : Sounds Great

Sounds Great's "Motion Chip" leverages the semiconductor process maturity and design flexibility to create force and motion.

Sounds Great’s “Motion Chip” leverages the semiconductor process maturity and design flexibility to create force and motion. This is the very first chip worldwide, not for calculating and data storage, but for creating motion to replace the sole active component in speakers and motors.

The motion chip affords 10-time power compared to convention one. It will be the future platform for audio speaker and touch screen haptic engines.

In audio applications, with the high-power density feature and super compact size, the motion chip can reduce the audio speaker size to 1/10 with the same loudness and enables much better sound quality. It easily transforms portables, like smartphones, notebooks, and earphones into professional home theaters. It is capable of improving hearing aids performance significantly, which is exactly what an aging population needs immediately.

Another amazing feature of applying motion chips to audio speakers is that it combines the advantages of dynamic speakers and balanced armature speakers. Speakers with Sounds Great motion chips hold the balanced armature speaker size but producing dynamic speaker sound quality. It is the unreachable breakthrough that audio industry has been looking for a long time. Sounds Great motion chip provides the exact solution.

Sound Great designed and patterned the “Super Engine” based on the motion chips. The Super Engine includes clusters of motion chips with an optimized magnetic field design that prevents the power limitation of a single chip. It means that from motion chips to the super engine, Sound Great products cover speakers from portables (earphones, smartphones, notebooks) to stationary equipment (TV, Car Stereo). The applications cover the areas MEMS or Electro-static speakers cannot reach, no matter power limitation or missing low frequencies issues.

In addition to audio applications, the motion chip technology can reduce 50% of the size and weight of touchscreen haptic engines and motors that sensitive to their own weight.

This disruptive invention even helps designers to create innovative products, like smart furniture (furniture equipped with semiconductor hidden speakers). Sound Great brings the world to real semiconductor speaker, and make speaker hidden but omnipresent.  “We wish to help contemporary conventional audio speaker ODM become Semiconductor Speaker Professionals.”, said Edmund, co-founder of Sounds Great.

Quote the comments from a senior visitor with strong academic and industrial background: “There are about 10 most feasible innovative and disruptive technologies in 2023 CES, and Sound Great motion chip is absolutely in the top 10.” He is so impressed by Sounds Great and Taiwan’s innovative technology. “

Sounds Great has attracted lots of attention at the 2023 CES. Sounds Great has created 54 science IPs and completed the POC (Proof of Concept) with physical working samples from the speaker partner. Sounds Great plans to kick off the motion pilot run in Q3 2023. There is no essential change in speakers over 100 years. Now is the time to change by Sounds Great.


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