Smaller, Faster and more efficient Power Supplies

Article By : Wise-Integration

Wise-Integration announced its WiseGan plateform an integrated 650V GaN half-bridge, in a 6mm x 8mm PQFN package...

Wise-Integration, a supplier of GaN components, announced its WiseGan® plateform, an integrated 650V GaN half-bridge, in a 6mm x 8mm PQFN package. A first evaluation board of 60W is also available to help jump-start customers’ power projects.

GaN technology enables these devices to handle more power even as they become smaller, more lightweight, and more energy efficient. These improvements will make a difference for smartphone ultra-fast chargers using USB-PD power supply, e-bike chargers, compact adapters for PCs and gaming, as well as in industrial applications like high-end OLED TVs and server cloud.

Wise-Integration has developed the world’s most energy efficient and smallest GaN technologies for power supplies, based on a new system approach. 3 times more efficient and 3 times smaller than any competing solution, WiseWare® is an innovative system architecture optimizing a GaN component performances, called WiseGan®, which includes its own embedded control integrated circuit (IC).  This combination is offering only 4% losses for a record energy density of 50W/inch3, and will accelerate the creation of next-generation compact and efficient chargers and power adapters for consumer and industrial applications up to 3KW.

Using two WiseGan® and a patented architecture with proprietary control software, wise-integration has reduced the component count of a 100W USB PD supply by removing the Power Factor Correction physical circuits. The power circuit has a boost behavior allowing the virtualization of the PFC. Control software provides a IEC 61000-3-2 compliant product without the physical need of a PFC.

Wise-Integration is a fabless company that develop innovative GaN integrated solutions to miniaturize power supply and improve energy efficiency. Wise-integration uses the newly qualified 650V GaN/Si available technology from TSMC (Taiwan) the world foundry leader, and manage all industrialization flow from device specification to system assembly and test.

Based in France, Wise-Integration will extend its business area and open new office in Taiwan on February 2021 in order to improve the supply chain efficiency and access to a large panel of OEM in the field of power supply.

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