Launches Machine Learning SoC Built on TSMC 16nm Technology

Article By : has delivered a software-centric MLSoC Platform that enables quick and Effortless ML experiences for the embedded edge. has delivered a software-centric MLSoC Platform that enables quick and Effortless ML experiences for the embedded edge, benefiting from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd’s (TSMC) power efficient process technology and most comprehensive design ecosystem.

The MLSoC, which is shipping to customers now, addresses any computer vision application and delivers a 10x better performance/watt solution – operating at the most efficient frames per second/watt.’s push-button software experience allows users to effortlessly scale machine learning in minutes for robotics, smart vision, government, autonomous vehicles, drones, and healthcare applications.

As’s foundry partner, TSMC manufactured’s first-generation design of its MLSoC on the TSMC 16nm technology, which provides superior performance and optimal power consumption—an advantage for high-end edge applications.

“We partnered with TSMC to manufacture our MLSoC Platform because we wanted to work with the best. Our first-time-right silicon success allowed us to begin shipping products to customers immediately,” said Gopal Hegde, SVP Engineering & Operations, “Our customers have been waiting for a purpose-built software and hardware MLSoC platform and we are thrilled to work with TSMC to deliver the industry’s first and only solution that enables Effortless ML.”

For over three decades, TSMC has collaborated with countless innovative technology companies, helping them quickly launch their differentiated products to market with TSMC’s industry-leading process technology and manufacturing excellence. To help customers address design complexity and improve first-time silicon success, TSMC also works with its ecosystem partners via the most comprehensive design ecosystem, the TSMC Open Innovation Platform (OIP).

“TSMC has long-partnered with industry innovators to help them achieve the best possible power, performance and area (PPA) for their next-generation designs,” said Lucas Tsai, Director of Market Development and Emerging Business Management, TSMC North America. “We look forward to our continued collaboration with innovators like to transform their forward-looking idea from inspiration into real products and enable advances in machine learning and countless other applications.”


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