Sensor tastes fluid to gauge glucose, lactose levels

Article By : Junko Yoshida

Consisting of an array of 0.5mm-long microneedles, the patented SkinTaste biosensor absorbs chemicals like glucose directly from the blood.

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We’ve all seen wearables that count steps, distance, calories and heart rate. Meet PKvitality, a subsidiary of PKparis that makes accessories for mobile phones and laptops.

PKvitality calls itself as a “bio-wearable company,” offering medical-grade devices such as K-Track Glucose and K-Track Athlete.

The company’s claim to fame is its patented SkinTaste biosensor. Consisting of an array of 0.5mm-long microneedles, the sensor can literally “taste the fluid” to gauge glucose and lactose levels.

[PKvitality biosensor (cr)]
__Figure 1:__ *PKvitality’s biosensor*

As the company explained, SkinTaste microneedles puncture the skin and probe for interstitial fluid, a pasty clear substance that surrounds tissue cells, absorbing chemicals like glucose directly from the blood. Once the probes penetrate the top-most epidermal layer, miniature pumps extract the fluid for chemical analysis, the company said.

Both the Glucose and Lactose meters are waiting for FDA approval right now.

Cosmo's gyroscope-enabled helmet accessary

Cosmo Connected is showing off a smart helmet accessory. Attached to the back of any helmet, the device, integrated with a gyroscope, serves as rear brake light at eye-level, indicating when the bike or motorcycle is slowing down.

[Cosmo smart helmet (cr)]
__Figure 2:__ *Cosmo’s accessory makes helmets smart*

The device can also detect when the driver falls and can immediately alert emergency services. It starts by asking the driver the seriousness of the mishap. If necessary, it makes a rescue call within three minutes with GPS coordinates and initial medical information. Meanwhile, it can also alert friends and family about the incident.

Wireless fitness earphone

Fully wireless fitness earbuds aren’t that easy to find. PKparis came to the show with Bluetooth stereo wireless earbuds equipped with anti-fall and waterproof features.

[PKparis wireless earbuds (cr)]
__Figure 3:__ *PKparis offers fitness earbuds*

The company claims audio sensibility of 95dB, impedance at 32Ω and mini speakers of 8mm special bass, offering high quality sound certified 4/5 by the Label Augmented Acoustics Lab. It also has -40% noise cancelling, and five-hours of battery life in active mode, 100 hours in off mode, according to PKparis.

Netatmo partners with big guys

Netatmo has already made a name for itself with a number of IoT devices. The company’s latest include a new smoke alarm that can last 10 years—literally the entire life cycle of the product.

[Netatmo smoke alarm (cr)]
__Figure 4:__ *Netatmo’s smoke alarm*

Florian Deleuil, lead product manager of Netatmo, told EE Times, “In order to achieve the longer battery life, we optimised our product design.” The company created an architecture under which the normal smoke detector portion of the product runs on one battery, while the Wi-Fi connectivity portion is powered by a separate battery, he explained.

Netatmo is also introducing a security siren with neural network technology. It learns over time who is allowed to enter via face recognition, turning the siren on or off accordingly.

Netatmo also teamed up with Legrand, a building company. Legrand can now brand its in-wall light switches and power outlets as “Céliane with Netatmo.” They will feature Netatmo’s common platform, enabling connection to Microsoft Azure with control by Netatmo’s voice control apps.

Smart bed

Hey! You're snoring Yes, the Sleep Number Smart Bed, on display at the CES Unveiled preview to the Consumer Electronics Show will detect when any and all occupants of the bed (including the dog) starts to saw wood. It will subtly nudge the snorer into a new position to restore peace and quiet. Of course, the bed, in king size, is adjustable up and down and in firmness, as well as monitoring such physical issues as heart rate, breathing, depth of sleep and whether you need to pee (just kidding on that last one).

[SleepNumber smartbed (cr)]
__Figure 5:__ *Sleep number smart bed*

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