2022-06-27 - United Microelectronics Corp.

SBTi Validates UMC’s Climate Goals

SBTi has approved UMC's emissions reduction targets, making the company the first semiconductor foundry globally to obtain validation of climate goals.

2022-06-27 - TrendForce

2022 a Focus for 12-inch Capacity Expansion

Global wafer foundry capacity is forecast to increase by approximately 14% annually in 2022, according to TrendForce.

2022-06-27 - Digi-Key Electronics

Digi-Key Appoints Mike Slater VP of Global Business Development

Digi-Key has appointed Mike Slater as its new vice president of global business development.

2022-06-27 - STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics’ High-voltage Op Amp Targeted at Automotive, Industrial Applications

STMicroelectronics' TSB622 general-purpose low-power dual op amp enhances ruggedness and flexibility in industrial and automotive applications.

2022-06-27 - Sally Ward-Foxton

Training a 20-Billion Parameter AI Model on a Single Processor

Cerebras has set the record for training the largest AI models on a single chip. Why does it matter?

2022-06-27 - Gary Hilson

PCIe 7.0 To Double Data Rate – Again

PCI–SIG sets 2025 deadline for PCIe 7.0, commits to bandwidth doubling, backwards compatibility.

2022-06-24 - Teledyne LeCroy

Debugging Ethernet, SATA, and PCIe for IoT Devices

In the ongoing review of debugging serial-data standards for IoT devices, this article looks at three protocols: Ethernet, SATA, and PCIe.

2022-06-24 - GlobalFoundries

GlobalFoundries Celebrates New Singapore Fab with Arrival of First Tool

The first tool has been moved into GlobalFoundries' new facility in its Singapore campus.

2022-06-24 - TrendForce

TrendForce: DRAM Pricing Forecast to Drop in 3Q22

TrendForce forecasts a 3-8% drop in DRAM prices in 3Q22 and a more than 8% pricing dip in certain DRAM products for PCs and smart phones.

2022-06-24 - imec

imec’s Direct-digitization Readout Design Enables Small, Low-noise, Low-power Neural Interfaces

imec's scalable neural readout microchip features one of the world's smallest recording channels for the simultaneous acquisition of local field potentials and action potentials in neurophysiology experiments.

2022-06-24 - Sally Ward-Foxton

Neuchips Tapes Out Recommendation Accelerator for World-Beating Accuracy

Taiwanese startup Neuchips has invented and patented a new number format, FFP8, which gets close to BF16 prediction accuracy.

2022-06-24 - Peter Gammon, Arne Benjamin Renz and Guy Baker

Assessing the Potential of SiC Beyond the Automotive Industry

Despite SiC's wide use in the automotive industry, the technology is primed for use in other industries, including aerospace and power supply.