2022-10-01 -

Virtual Electronics Lab: How to Create an Oscilloscope Using Python and the ADALM2000

This article explains the importance and convenience of having a virtual electronics laboratory. It also demonstrates how to develop a virtual oscilloscope using the ADALM2000 and Python. Software requirements and hardware setup were discussed before presenting three examples. The admin of this site has disabled the download button for this page.

2022-04-01 -

The On-Chip Calibration Benefits of New Simultaneous SAR Analog-to-Digital Converters

This article evaluates the impact of external resistors used in front of resistive analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), examines resistor tolerance, and the ADCs’ input imedance effects of the different calibration options. The following sections provide a theoretical explanation of the gain error expected, as a function of the resistor sizes, and different ways to minimize these […]

2022-04-01 -

Advanced Connectivity Architecture for 5G-V2X and DSRC

We’ll be discussing future connectivity architecture for autonomous vehicles based on the remote radio head (RRH) concept using a software-defined radio (SDR). We provide an example of how two wireless access technologies can be implemented using this architecture. On one side, it can fulfill the performance requirements of future use cases, and on the other […]

2022-04-01 -

Optical Liquid Analysis Prototyping Platform Lights the Pathway to Ubiquitous Sensing

Prototyping complex optical liquid analysis measurements is a challenge that requires careful consideration of how chemistry, optics, and electronics interact to produce a precise result. As the industry advances, intelligent platforms for on-the-go sensing are needed. These platforms need to be highly versatile, capable of satisfying unique requirements for a wide range of applications from […]

2022-04-01 -

A New, Easier Way to Create Power Solutions for Signal Chain Systems

Signal chain systems connect analog data from the physical world to the digital world, where the data is processed. However, powering signal chain systems can be a challenge because the power supply must not degrade the system’s overall performance. Linear regulators can prevent this degradation, but at the cost of increased power loss, and thus […]

2021-06-15 -

Smart factories for electronics manufacturing

Developed countries are investing lots of effort in advancing the concept of the smart factory. They expect it will enable them to maintain superior production efficiency and keep production jobs. But what is a smart factory? This white paper focuses on the details and reviews some of the concepts that help make a factory smart. […]