Power Supply

2021-03-02 -

2-Phase Input based 300W AC-DC LED power supply based on LCC topology

In recent years, resonant converters have become more popular and are widely applied in various applications like server, telecom, lighting and consumer electronics. One key attractive characteristic is that a resonant converter can easily achieve high efficiency and allow high frequency operation with their intrinsic wide softs witching ranges. This paper highlights a 300W power […]

2020-09-04 -

XING Mobility™ Dynamic Power on Demand

XING Mobility’s Immersion Cooled Modular Battery Pack System delivers unprecedented continuous power to any and every electric vehicle. The world’s first battery pack to make immersion cooling technology readily available for mobility applications, the system presents an advanced solution to thermal management challenges. The battery solution employs a simple, modular design to meet the diverse […]

2020-05-29 -

Sync Power Company Introduction

Sync Power is the first power management IC design house in Taiwan devoted to the development of patented Synchronous Rectifier (SR) Controllers. Our SR ICs have been adopted in various AC/DC switching mode topologies . Our series of SR ICs are considered to be the leading SR solutions in the power supply industry. SR is […]

2019-10-23 -

Safety in medical equipment

Electrical equipment used in medical technology must not place patients or medical staff in danger. This, in turn, requires that designing safe equipment starts at the point where the power is supplied. Power connectors and power entry modules with or without a power-line filter must fulfill the requirements of the base standard for medical electrical […]

2019-03-13 -

STNRG011- Digital SMPS IC

The EVLSTNRG011-150, a 12 V, 150 W power supply demonstration board for 90 Vac to 264 Vac mains, which is representative of an AC/DC converter for an all in one computer or a general purpose high power adapter. The admin of this site has disabled the download button for this page.

2019-03-13 -

Power MOSFET: avalanche characteristics and ratings

This application note briefly reviews the MOSFET physics on avalanche behavior and supplies designers with tools and suggestions for dealing with avalanche issues. The admin of this site has disabled the download button for this page.