2023-02-08 -

Aprisa place-and-route tool for low-power SoCs

The place-and-route software used in the digital implementation flow must be able to buffer on multiple power domains without errors and perform placement of all power management cells such as level shifters, isolation cells, power switch cells, and retention flip-flops. Power-sensitive designs also require routing secondary power/ground pins and routing to the power grid inside […]

2023-02-08 -

Comprehensive S-parameter verification coverage by Analog FastSPICE

IC design is transforming at an accelerated pace along with fabrication technology. The need to incorporate more functionality has led to denser dies, multi-die chips, stacked 3D ICs and advanced packaging. Furthermore, design technology continues to progress towards supporting higher data rates to address the increasing demand for more and enhanced connectivity. We now must […]

2022-10-03 -

High IF Sampling Puts Wideband Software-Defined Radio Within Reach

We’ll explain the technology advancements enabling this age of wideband software-defined radio expected to transform EW and multiband radar architectures. The discussion follows a series of frequency planning figures that show the progression of improved wideband spectral scanning methods enabled by advancing data converter technology. In the progression of improving schemes, you’ll see the receiver […]

2022-10-03 -

Accelerate Your Test Capability and System Productivity with New MEMS Switches

Advanced digital processor ICs require separate DC parametric and high speed digital automatic test equipment (ATE) passes for quality assurance. This creates significant cost and logistical challenges. This article explains how the ADGM1001 SPDT MEMS switch facilitates a one pass single insertion test for both DC parametric and high speed digital tests, reducing test cost […]

2021-06-15 -

Smart factories for electronics manufacturing

Developed countries are investing lots of effort in advancing the concept of the smart factory. They expect it will enable them to maintain superior production efficiency and keep production jobs. But what is a smart factory? This white paper focuses on the details and reviews some of the concepts that help make a factory smart. […]

2020-05-20 -

MIPI D-PHY and D-PHY/C-PHY Combo for Camera and Display in Mobile Devices

M31 provides D-PHY and C/D PHY Combo in various processes across foundries, with the most competitive PPA (Performance, Power, and Area) and standard compliances. In addition to a long list of features, M31 MIPI D-PHY are already certified with ISO 26262 ASIL-B certificates for automotive multimedia applications. The admin of this site has disabled the […]

2020-05-18 -

6.5-Track Ultra High Density Standard Cells on 22/28nm

M31’s 6.5-Track Library reduces 8~13% area and 13~26% power consumption in 22/28nm node. In general, the common Standard Cell libraries include 7-Track, 9-Track, and 12-Track libraries. A “Track” is used as a unit to define the height of the standard cells in physical layout. For example, 12-Track means 12 Metal-1 lines are available as the […]