2021-05-03 -

Pushing AI Vision to the Edge: Axiomtek’s AI Starter Kit

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to evolve, manufacturers across multiple industries—from printed circuit board (PCB) assemblers identifying defective solder points to food processing companies checking for broken seals—are increasingly relying on machine vision and edge intelligence technologies to drive product quality. They need a highly efficient, AI-driven solution with advanced vision capabilities to boost inspection […]

2021-03-31 -

The Changing Face of Video Surveillance and Security in Mass Transit Systems

Video surveillance is a key ingredient of security systems, and it is quickly transitioning from dumb camera systems to cloud-centric smart machines to fulfill safety requirements of vast metro systems. This white paper will take a closer look at the changing face of the transportation surveillance and security industry. It will also chronicle the transition […]

2021-03-31 -

Enabling Smart Manufacturing: Axiomtek’s Machine Vision Solutions

Machine vision plays a critical role in this Industry 4.0 revolution because it allows manufacturing facilities to generate a tremendous volume of image data during production operations, based on which manufacturers can make timely adjustments to streamline and optimize procedures. The ultimate goal is to help manufacturing industries achieve substantial increase in efficiency and accuracy. […]