Analog/Mixed Signal

2022-10-03 -

How to Design and Certify Functionally Safe Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) Systems

Accurate and reliable temperature detection is an integral component of any functionally safe system. This article shows how produce a IEC 61508 certifiably functionally safe RTD system (RTD, signal chain, ADC, etc.) using non-certified components. Both Route 1S (documented from concept/design through test) and Route 2S (proven in use) are presented. The admin of this […]

2022-10-03 -

High IF Sampling Puts Wideband Software-Defined Radio Within Reach

We’ll explain the technology advancements enabling this age of wideband software-defined radio expected to transform EW and multiband radar architectures. The discussion follows a series of frequency planning figures that show the progression of improved wideband spectral scanning methods enabled by advancing data converter technology. In the progression of improving schemes, you’ll see the receiver […]

2022-10-03 -

How to Achieve Ultrafast Power Supply Transient Response for RF Applications

This article presents practical methods for achieving an ultrafast power supply transient response in wireless and, especially, RF applications. It aims to resolve the system designer’s challenge of low signal processing efficiency caused by the power supply transient blanking period. Example solutions are presented for different applications. The Silent Switcher® 3 monolithic power family is […]

2022-10-03 -

Accelerate Your Test Capability and System Productivity with New MEMS Switches

Advanced digital processor ICs require separate DC parametric and high speed digital automatic test equipment (ATE) passes for quality assurance. This creates significant cost and logistical challenges. This article explains how the ADGM1001 SPDT MEMS switch facilitates a one pass single insertion test for both DC parametric and high speed digital tests, reducing test cost […]

2022-10-01 -

Virtual Electronics Lab: How to Create an Oscilloscope Using Python and the ADALM2000

This article explains the importance and convenience of having a virtual electronics laboratory. It also demonstrates how to develop a virtual oscilloscope using the ADALM2000 and Python. Software requirements and hardware setup were discussed before presenting three examples. The admin of this site has disabled the download button for this page.

2022-04-01 -

The On-Chip Calibration Benefits of New Simultaneous SAR Analog-to-Digital Converters

This article evaluates the impact of external resistors used in front of resistive analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), examines resistor tolerance, and the ADCs’ input imedance effects of the different calibration options. The following sections provide a theoretical explanation of the gain error expected, as a function of the resistor sizes, and different ways to minimize these […]

2022-04-01 -

Empirically Based Multichannel Phase Noise Model Validated in a 16-Channel Demonstrator

This article details a systematic approach for predicting phase noise in large multichannel systems and compares it with measurements on a 16-channel S-band demonstrator. This analytic approach is based on a small set of measurements that can be used to estimate correlated vs. uncorrelated noise contributions. Based on only a few measurements, phase noise under […]

2022-04-01 -

Advanced Connectivity Architecture for 5G-V2X and DSRC

We’ll be discussing future connectivity architecture for autonomous vehicles based on the remote radio head (RRH) concept using a software-defined radio (SDR). We provide an example of how two wireless access technologies can be implemented using this architecture. On one side, it can fulfill the performance requirements of future use cases, and on the other […]

2022-04-01 -

How to Protect Against Overvoltages in Analog Front Ends Using Over-The-Top Amplifiers

The possibility of high voltages occurring is a constant concern in industrial applications. Finding ways of providing protection from them has always been and will continue to be an important task for developers. This design tip illustrates how developers can accomplish this by utilizing Over-The-Top® (OTT) amplifiers. The admin of this site has disabled the […]

2022-04-01 -

How to Choose the Best MEMS Sensor for a Wireless Condition-Based Monitoring System—Part 1

This article describes the use of No-OS (No Operating System) Drivers and Platform Drivers for building an application firmware with ADIs Precision A/D Converters and D/A Converters, which offer a high level of performance in speed, power, size and resolution. Rapidly advancing technologies need software support (firmware drivers and example code) to simplify the design […]

2022-04-01 -

Step-by-Step Noise Analysis Guide for Your Signal Chain

This article presents the steps needed to carry out a theoretical analysis on the noise performance for a high speed wide bandwidth signal chain. Although a specific signal chain is chosen for the analysis, the steps highlighted can be considered valid for any type of signal chain. Five main phases are suggested: declaring the assumptions, […]

2022-01-05 -

How Automotive Audio Bus (A2B) Technology and Digital Microphones Enable Superior Performance in Emerging Automotive Applications

This article about Automotive Audio Bus® (A2B®) technology explains recent advances in digital microphone and connectivity technologies. These innovations are enabling swift adoption of game-changing applications for future generations of vehicle infotainment systems. The admin of this site has disabled the download button for this page.