Ron Black Becomes CEO of Codasip

Article By : Anne-Françoise Pelé

Customers have already deployed an estimated 2 billion cores designed with Codasip tools.

Codasip, Munich, Germany-based supplier of customizable RISC-V processor IP, announced it has appointed Ron Black as CEO, effective immediately. Karel Masařík, company founder and CEO until now, moves to the role of president and responsible for advanced research.

In an email discussion with EE Times Europe, Black detailed his vision and ambition for the company. He said, “Our vision is for the global market for processor architectures to have swung massively in favor of open ISA, with RISC-V and Codasip the beneficiaries. The need for that is clear, with semiconductor scaling reaching its limits and with an opportunity for software-hardware co-design to massively improve device performance. As demonstrated by Apple with its recent M1 Pro launch. The Codasip approach to RISC-V processor design and customization is exactly in that sweet-spot.”

He added, “RISC-V is already a huge market opportunity, and Codasip has the potential to be one of the leaders in that market over the next few years – our vision is for our Studio processor design tool to therefore be the premier choice of customers to optimize their SoCs with customized RISC-V processors.”

When asked where he wants to lead Codasip, Black said, “We have a headstart – being one of the first to commercialize RISC-V and having already enabled 2 billion RISC-V devices with our IP. But we need to be more well known for the success we’ve already had and for the unique proposition we bring to the market – which is why I am focused on building the global senior management team: with Rupert Baines as CMO, Brett Cline as Chief Revenue Officer and Simon Bewick as Director of our new UK Design Center. We have a fantastic engineering resource, but we need a lot more engineers to realize our vision. Europe is a great place to build that resource with the new UK Design Center, our team in Sophia-Antipolis, our HQ in Munich, and a large center for innovation in Brno in the Czech Republic.”

Ron Black Codasip
Codasip’s new CEO, Ron Black (Image source: Codasip)

Black is a veteran figure in the semiconductor and technology industry with over 30 years of experience, including stints as CEO of Imagination Technologies, MobiWire, UPEK, and Wavecom. Earlier in his career, Black held leadership roles with Agere Systems, Gemplus, IBM, and Motorola. He has led companies both in the U.S. and Europe and created strong partnerships and joint ventures in China.

On April 10, 2020, Imagination Technologies surprised the industry by announcing without any warning that its CEO, Ron Black, was stepping down with immediate effect from the company and the board. Ray Bingham, executive chairman and a partner at Canyon Bridge at that time, was appointed interim CEO. Nitin Dahad, editor-in-chief of embedded and editor for EE Times and EE Times Europe, analyzed the replacement announcement.

In March 2021, Codasip announced that Black had joined the company as executive chairman of the board of directors. His mission then consisted in working closely with Codasip’s senior leadership team, board, and investors to support the company in further developing and executing its strategic vision.

Black holds a BS and MS in Engineering and a PhD in Materials science from Cornell University. A consistent thread of his career has been processors including PowerPC at IBM, network processors at Freescale, security processors at Rambus, and GPUs at Imagination.

This article was originally published on EE Times Europe.

Anne-Françoise Pelé is editor-in-chief of and EE Times Europe.


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