Rigol Launches 2GHz, 7-in-1 Oscilloscopes

Article By : Rigol Technologies Co. Ltd

The MSO8000 from Rigol Technologies delivers the same 7-in-1 instrument capability as the other UltraVision II Oscilloscopes.

The MSO8000 from Rigol Technologies Co. Ltd delivers the same 7-in-1 instrument capability as the other UltraVision II Oscilloscopes. Logic analysis, protocol analysis, spectrum analysis, and waveform generation are all built into the instrument maximizing utility. Advanced analysis capabilities like zone triggering, histogram, enhanced FFT, precision measurements, and power analysis makes the MSO8000 the perfect solution for today’s complex embedded and IoT challenges.

With the new jitter and real-time eye analysis option engineers can now also accurately analyze serial transmissions for failures caused by timing, noise, bandwidth, and interference. Jitter and eye diagram analysis works with existing histogram and precision measurement functions to help characterize signal quality in real-time making the MSO8000 a powerful performance debug solution for serial data integrity.

Real-Time Eye Analysis

Complete signal quality analysis for serial data transmissions. Eye Diagram Analysis makes it easy to debug subtle timing, noise, and risetime issues on serial data signals. Combine with Histogram analysis of edge transitions for visualizing and characterizing embedded transmissions.

Advanced Jitter Analysis

Visualize and debug precise timing characteristics in serial data signals. Combine jitter readings with Time Interval Error trend and TIE histogram. The high sample rate and deep memory combine to analyze subtle timing effects of complex signals.

Unprecedented Long Record Length

In order to capture long sequences required to debug serial traffic and complex modulations an instrument must have sufficient memory to acquire adequate time without compromising sample rate (signal detail).With category leading memory depth up to 500MPts the MSO8000 Series provides user with sufficient memory to capture long duration signals without compromising signal resolution.

New Architecture drives generational performance improvements

The MSO8000 Series performance capabilities are enabled by RIGOL’s UltraVisionII architecture.  Get an overview of the architecture and see how the new ASIC based hardware design provides significant improvements in Jitter, Waveform Capture Rate and other key specifications.

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