Rapid Testing Solution for mmWave AiP Systems

Article By : TMY Technology Inc.

TMYTEK's XBeam is a fast and innovative testing method for mmWave AiP system testing.

mmWave antenna-in-package (AiP) systems are single, compact packages with multiple RF channels, yet no RF connectors at the antenna elements. Hence, the only way to test an AiP system is over-the-air (OTA), where beam steering is a key factor for optimal performance. OTA testing must evaluate the AiP’s features, such as radiation pattern, relative gain and phase of the elements, etc. in order to ensure proper beam steering performance.

OTA testing also requires a stable and well-calibrated testing environment. Comprehensive measurements can be obtained by traditional testing methods, such as CATR and horn antenna test solutions, but the required test chambers are bulky and costly, and the tests are very time consuming.

Want a simple solution to mmWave AiP system testing? TMYTEK has developed XBeam, a fast and innovative testing method, with a small footprint that quickly measures both power and phase, with results that are on par with CATR.

Figure 1: Pattern measurement comparison: XBeam 2D vs. the CATR.

Figure 2: XBeam 3D test system.

Figure 3: XBeam 2D test system.


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