QuickLogic and ChipMotion Collaborate on eFPGA Implementations in SoC Designs

Article By : QuickLogic Corp.

QuickLogic has signed an agreement with ChipMotion to provide turnkey eFPGA design support for SoC designs.

QuickLogic Corp. has signed an agreement with Hefei ChipMotion Microelectronics Co. Ltd, an electronic design services provider based in China, to provide turnkey eFPGA design support for SoC designs. Through this agreement, ChipMotion will utilize QuickLogic’s Australis generated eFPGA IP to make it easy for SoC developers to add post-manufacturing design flexibility to their devices. This will greatly expand ChipMotion’s existing role as a distributor of eFPGA IP in China by adding these new design services.

ChipMotion supports SoC development on a wide range of process nodes at 12nm and above. While most design services companies only provide back-end design support, ChipMotion can now provide front-end and turnkey services.

Integrating eFPGA technology into SoCs gives customers the ability to implement custom logic for applications such as hardware acceleration, customizable I/O interfaces, and design security. It also extends potential product lifecycles by enabling the same SoC to serve multiple market adjacencies, adapt to emerging new standards, and address changing competitive landscapes. These benefits can substantially increase the profitability of a given SoC design.

“We believe that QuickLogic’s eFPGA IP will add tremendous value to our customers’ SoC designs,” said Bell Hu, CEO at ChipMotion. “Using the Australis IP generator, we can quickly and easily generate user-defined blocks of eFPGA technology to give our SoC customers a high degree of post-manufacturing flexibility.”

“ChipMotion is extremely experienced in SoC design and development,” said Mao Wang, senior director of product marketing at QuickLogic. “Now they will be able to add value in a new way for their customers by offering the option of integrating eFPGA technology into their SoCs.”

QuickLogic’s eFPGA IP technology and Australis IP generator are available now, enabling companies such as ChipMotion to target eFPGA IP quickly and easily to nearly any foundry and process node for fast and efficient SoC integration.


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