proteanTecs Joins Open Compute Project, Unveils UCT Monitoring System

Article By : proteanTecs

Joining the OCP will allow proteanTecs to better tailor its roadmap to industry needs and provide its expertise for next-generation infrastructure.

proteanTecs has joined the Open Compute Project (OCP) as a Community Member. Launched by Facebook in 2011, the OCP Foundation is a collaborative community whose mission is to innovate hardware technology and efficiently support the growing demands on datacenter IT infrastructure.

Acceleration of cloud and edge computing, AI and as-a-service solutions are driving massive growth in the datacenter market. As a result, new challenges related to higher-power workloads, HW interoperability and maintenance arise. proteanTecs’ deep data monitoring solutions deliver end-to-end visibility, providing significant power, performance and cost efficiencies. Based on UCT (Universal Chip Telemetry), datacenter operators can track system health, in mission-mode, while drawing on historical data from production, to prevent failures and ensure continuous service availability.

“The OCP is taking a whole new approach to cloud-scale computing,” said Uzi Baruch, CSO at proteanTecs. “They recently shared their mission for HW fault diagnostics, stating high replacement rates, long mitigation cycles and gaps in telemetry solutions as key challenges. What we are doing falls directly in line with that. Enabling datacenters to transition to a predictive strategy will allow them to maximize dollar per GHz, detect early failures, optimize compute performance, and provide instantaneous visibility into hardware faults.”

Serving customers across several mission-critical sectors, including datacenter, automotive and communications, proteanTecs is rapidly expanding into a wide range of cutting-edge designs. The company’s solutions are embedded in various types of systems, spanning AI, HPC, networking and storage applications.

“We are working closely with hyperscalers, semiconductor companies and system integrators to rapidly increase scalability in the cloud,” added Baruch. “Joining the OCP will allow us to better tailor our roadmap to industry needs and provide our expertise for next-generation infrastructure.”

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