Plantia software streamlines equipment maintenance

Article By : Fujitsu

Fujitsu’s Plantia system supports standardisation of equipment maintenance in line with customers' digitisation needs.

To date, maintenance work has often relied on the individual skill sets and knowledge of designated maintenance staff, making it difficult to share the information and standardise work skills. Thus, Fujitsu Engineering Technologies has developed Plantia equipment maintenance management system with regard to various on-site maintenance needs, which will be proposed to customers as a turn-key system.

The Plantia system enables comprehensive management of maintenance work for a variety of production site equipment, such as manufacturing equipment and utility equipment. It is comprised of seven sub-systems: equipment ledger management, maintenance cycle management, maintenance plan management, maintenance log management, repair incident management, inventory management and routine inspection management. With applications that fully leverage front-line know-how, it provides strong support for the execution of maintenance tasks. Also, it provides support in Japanese and English for customers that are expanding globally.

It features screens designed to facilitate specifications, such as equipment operating location, types of machinery and equipment details. This enables anyone to record, browse and search for maintenance information.

[fig1 PLANTIA (cr)]
Figure 1: Simplified data entry and browsing interface for on-site maintenance

It also utilises massive amounts of maintenance log data accumulated in a database to enable refinements to maintenance cycles and support improvements to operations. Based on past repairs and the maintenance cycle, it can generate a maintenance calendar (tally sheet), formulate implementation plans and manage costs, providing total support for maintenance work over the medium and long terms.

In addition to enabling registration to a database of on-site photos, diagrams and specification documents and linking to devices, Plantia is also equipped with a format to promote detailed inspections by displaying a warning on a "To do" screen. In addition, by its use of Excel data, there is a feature that enables batch registration of past inspection data or inspection data managed on an individual basis. This allows for effective utilisation of data assets.

[fig2 PLANTIA (cr)]
Figure 2: PLANTIA can also display routine inspection data in graph form to allow users to grasp conditions in real time.

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