Planet Navitas at CES 2023

Article By : Navitas Semiconductor

Navitas showcased its next-generation power semiconductors at CES 2023.

Navitas Semiconductor showcased its latest power semiconductor solutions at its “Planet Navitas” booth last week at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Following the mission to “Electrify our World”, “Planet Navitas” put into the spotlight how next-generation gallium nitride (GaN) and silicon carbide (SiC) technology enable the latest solutions for fully electrified housing, transportation, and industry. Examples range from TV power to home appliance motors and compressors, EV charging and solar/micro-grid installations, and on to data center power systems. Each example highlighted end-user benefits, such as increased portability, longer range, faster charging, and grid-independence, plus a focus on how low-carbon-footprint GaN and SiC technology can save over 6 Gtons/yr of CO2 by 2050.

During CES 2023, “Planet Navitas” also showcased:

• “Navitas Presents:” – an insightful series of live customer presentations highlighting the latest advances in power electronics from mobile ultra-fast chargers, to EV applications and next-gen motor drives.

• “OnePlus GaNFast Gaming Experience!” – a high-energy, fast-paced video game competition, with daily prizes of OnePlus 10T high-end gaming smartphones and earbuds, featuring 150W GaNFast ultra-fast charging from 1-100% in only 19 minutes.

• “GaNFast Giveaway!” – fast and ultra-fast GaN charging with high-speed charger prizes from sponsor partners Anker, Spigen and UGREEN.

• “Win a Tesla!” – the last chance to enter to win a Tesla Model 3 Performance, worth $60,000.

“With complementary GaNFast and GeneSiC technologies, Navitas is the leading-edge company for next-generation power, taking market share from legacy silicon chips,” said Gene Sheridan, co-founder and CEO. “Such a broad portfolio, with comprehensive, application-specific system design support accelerates customer time-to-market with sustainable performance advantages. ‘Planet Navitas’ represents the very real, inspiring implementation of GaN & SiC across the vast $22B/year market opportunity.”

“Navitas Presents:” Partner Insights at CES 2023

“Navitas Presents:” is a high-profile partner speaker series at CES 2023. The presentations are an end-market view of how next-generation technology is replacing legacy silicon chips in fast charging and small size for ultimate portability.

Speakers included Eric Villines, Chief Communications Officer of Anker Innovations, who talked about how GaN is driving the next generation of sustainable power delivery solutions; Spenser Blank, Head of PR & Communications, OnePlus North America, who presented on the power of GaNFast technology on the OnePlus 10T5G; Justin Ma, Senior PR Specialist, Spigen, who spoke about what you can get with Navitas GaN; and Frederick Rollins, Creative Marketing manager, Ugreen, who discussed charging into the GaNFast future.

Speakers from Navitas Semiconductor included CEO and co-founder Gene Sheridan, who spoke about how Navitas “electrifies our world”; Llew Vaughan-Edmunds, Snr. Director, who talked about living well off the grid; and Stephen Oliver, VP Corporate Marketing & Investor Relations, who presented on “The Silicon Chip is Dead!”

Each speaker highlighted how the use of GaN advances their own designs, with additional references to sustainability. Each live presentation was followed by Q&A.

As part of the mission to “Electrify our World™”, the series also included Navitas presentations covering diversified end-uses from 20W cellphone chargers to 2kW data center power, 20kW EV chargers and on to MW-scale grid-tied applications.

“Navitas GaNFast technology has been adopted by leading brands looking to deliver speed, efficiency and optimum power density. It gives us great pleasure to host a number of those brands at CES 2023 and to give visitors the opportunity to hear how GaN – and higher-voltage SiC technology – continue to make a significant difference as we Electrify Our World,” said Sheridan.



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