PANJIT SiC Diode Solution for EV Charging Stations

Article By : PANJIT

Adoption of wide bandgap devices will make it easier to make EV charging systems with superior efficiency.

Electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure takes an important role for boosting up the popularity of EVs. And minimizing the charging time would be the key design challenge to make daily use of EVs more convenient. Thus, additional engineering effort would be required to increase power density and power conversion efficiency of EV charging stations.

One of the most common system design concept for EV charging stations would be 3-phase charging module as below, which consists of Vienna PFC and isolated DC/DC converter circuit. This concept is widely used to achieve higher efficiency and modularized design so the designer can easily increase total power rating according to market demands just by adding more modules.

Adoption of wide bandgap device into this circuit will make it easier to make EV charging systems with superior efficiency. PANJIT 1200V SiC Diodes will be helpful to do advanced EV charging station design with higher system efficiencies as well as higher system reliabilities.

PANJIT SiC Diode PCDP10120G1 (1200V / 10A) has been tested in 1200W Vienna PFC circuit along with competitor’s device. The key performances of SiC Diode are forward voltage drop and junction capacitance which are related to conduction and switching loss, respectively. The test result below shows that PANJIT PCDP10120G1 has achieved higher efficiency in overall power load area with described test condition.

Test condition  

  • Input Voltage: 120VL-N / 60Hz
  • Output Voltage: 600Vdc
  • Output Power: 1200W
  • Switching Frequency: 50kHz

PANJIT 1st generation SiC Diode are available in voltage rating 650V and 1200V with current rating ranging from 4A up to 40A in various packages to provide various solution according to EV charging system condition. These products are well optimized between electrical performance and device ruggedness. PANJIT SiC Diode products would be a great solution for the system designers to select for increasing the system efficiency and reliability.

 PANJIT Gen. 1 650V/1200V SiC Diode Line-up


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