Osram 1050nm LED: Match for infrared spectroscopy

Article By : Susan Nordyk

Emitting 650nm to 1050nm, the Osram SFH4735 LED serves as a light source for broadband infrared spectroscopy applications like food analytics.

The Osram SFH4735 LED has found a match in broadband infrared spectroscopy. Emitting 650nm to 1050nm, the SFH4735 can serve as a light source for various applications, including food analytics. Based on a 1mm2 UX3 GaN chip, it converts light into infrared by way of a phosphor converter. A residual blue component in the light guides users towards the area that needs investigation.

The emission spectrum of the SFH4735 has a homogeneous spectral distribution in the infrared range. The chip is mounted in an Oslon Black Flat package sized at 3.75mm × 3.75mm × 0.7mm, featuring good thermal resistance. It also has a spectral output rating of 60µW at 750nm and 30µWat at 980nm.

Infrared spectroscopy uses the characteristic absorption behaviour of certain molecular compounds. If a defined spectrum is directed at a sample, it is possible to determine the presence and quantity of certain ingredients from the wavelength distribution of reflected light. The SFH4735 offers this technique to a wide range of consumer applications. For example, a smart phone spectrometre will enable users to monitor the food they eat, measuring calories, freshness, and nutritional content with an appropriate app.

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