NUS alumnus tops Climate CoLab contest with caterpillar train concept

Article By : Vivek Nanda

Ashwani Kumar Upadhyaya, a PhD from NUS, and teammate Emil Jacob, have proposed a renewabl-energy-run mass transit idea that's cheaper than monorails and SkyTrain pods.

EE Times India resports that Ashwani Kumar Upadhyaya, a PhD in Urban Transportation from NUS (Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology), and Emil Jacob of Jacob Innovations LLC, have proposed an electric mass transit idea that's cheaper than monorails and SkyTrain pods. What's more, it could run entirely on renewable energy And, for their proposal, they are now at the top in Climate CoLab's Transportation category as both the Judges Choice and Popular Choice winners.

The Climate CoLab is a project of the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence that aims to "harness the collective intelligence of thousands of people from all around the world to address global climate change." Their crowdsourcing platform allows people to work with experts and each other and submit proposals for what to do about climate change.

Upadhyaya and Jacob have proposed "Mini Elevated cTrains" or Caterpillar Trains that are powered by renewable energy. The concept sets up an automated mass transit mode of elevated lightweight trains that have seating room for 10-12. Since the trains are small, they can be supported by arches based on both sidewalks of any street unlike monorails where tracks are supported by pillars that take up space… read the rest of the article on EE Times India.

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