NFT Bored Ape Dancing Party with PanelSemi at CES TTA Stage

Article By : PanelSemi Corp.

PanelSemi showcased its flexible AM mini-LED displays at CES 2023.

Have you ever seen a Bored Ape dance on a gigantic 3D screen? If not, watch the funniest dance video that Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) featured at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Right in front of TTA, visitors were able to see the dancing video, which was made possible through the cooperation and hard work of different teams under the TTA exhibition booth.

The dancing animation of Bored Ape was played on a 120-degree wide angle display, a new technology that features two 110-inch flexible AM mini-LED displays, provided by PanelSemi Corp. This year, PanelSemi participated in CES with TTA sponsorship. The startup is not only providing tremendous displays for the Bored Ape dancing party on TTA main stage, but also demonstrating other AM mini-LED flexible displays.

PanelSemi auto-stereoscope 3D massive displays on TTA stage.

The AM mini/micro-LED flexible display, also known as the “3rd-Generation Display”, features a rollable option which offers the product to take different shapes, such as cylindrical, concave, convex or hanging high up like a sail-like canvas. Moreover, the seamless multi-tiling technique allows it to form into different shapes and angles. For example, PanelSemi modified an AM mini-LED display with a 90-angle, and also one with a 120-deg curvature angle with the same display. This new innovative feature can bring out the auto-stereoscopic effects easily and more efficiently.

The 2023 CES exhibition provided visitors a unique experience through PanelSemi’s navel mini-LED flexible displays. Other interesting demos included a cylindrical display, “MagiCylinder”, which also demonstrated the coolest Meta clothes on edgy avatars designed by TG3D.

Another unique-shaped concave display was next to the TTA main stage, which demonstrated the virtual reality video effects. The visitors experienced an immersive moment thanks to the curved display and newest image processing technologies by PanelSemi. The curved surface of the displays strengthens the optical illusion of immersive feelings, thus creating extraordinary visual experiences.

The world first “3rd-generation display,” the flexible AM mini-LED display which can support different applications and purposes. Therefore, it can expand the creativity and possibilities in various fields such as Martech, DOOH, AR/VR creation, and virtual human, to name a few. In addition, the technology featuring ultra-light weight, super thin screen and energy saving, and with high quality chroma contrast and detailed grayscale. All those features allow the product to fit into any particular location or requirements from the aerospace industry to shopping centers.

This year, PanelSemi’s MagiCylinder AM mini-LED flexible display has not only won the 2023 CES Innovation Awards, 2023 Taiwan Excellence Gold Award, and 2023 EE Awards Asia. This technological achievement emphasizes that PanelSemi is one of the main players for the “Third-Generation Display”.

PanelSemi Corp. won the representative technology award—Taiwan Excellence Gold Award by “Primary AM Mini-LED Flexible Display”, and the Taiwan Excellence Award by “MagiCylinder”.

PanelSemi is located in Tainan, Taiwan. The latest innovations are presented in Tainan and Taipei in different showrooms. The startup is always eager to show their products and loves to hear people’s experiences when they visit one of the showrooms.


To see the “3rd-Generation Display” AM mini-LED flexible display, you may schedule a visit to the showrooms in Taiwan, PanelSemi headquarters, via email:


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