2016-07-25 - Linear Technology

15dB gain block delivers 47dBm OIP3 linearity

The LTC6433-15 simplifies wideband design and allows easy cascading with minimal external components.

2016-07-25 - None

NI boasts low-latency software design in next-gen VST

The PXIe-5840 module is the first 1 GHz bandwidth VST, aiming to set a new standard for density, performance and customisation.

2016-07-22 - Ams AG

Hitkit supports designs in analogue 180nm CMOS tech

The PDK provides a plug-and-play tool set with improved analogue features and device performance as well as highly accurate simulation models.

2016-07-22 - Junko Yoshida

SoftBank banks hard on hardware

SoftBank’s CEO stresses that ARM will become central to the company's core biz, and that hardware is key to platform definition.

2016-07-22 - Junko Yoshida

Architecture for AI, security can leverage SoftBank: IHS

Son envisions ARM to define a platform for the future of secure IoT, connected cars and artificial intelligence.

2016-07-22 - Peter Clarke

IoT to propel sensors, peripherals growth by 24% by 2021

ABI Research reckons sensors and peripherals will be 65% of an installed base of 47 billion units by 2021, double the 2016 level.

2016-07-21 - Pasternack

Waveguide bends operate up to 90GHz across 12 bands

In waveguide systems that require a signal to turn or bend 90 degrees, precision waveguide bends are used as to not degrade the transmission signal.

2016-07-21 - R. Colin Johnson

BeSang slashes 3D NAND flash cost to $0.02/GB

Frustrated with Hynix's slow implementation of its monolithic 3D technology, BeSang is opening the door to partnerships with other memory houses.

2016-07-21 - None

Vietnam mobile phone, parts export up 16% in H1

Cell phones and their spare parts have become Vietnam’s top export items this year, with shipments exceeding US$21.5 billion.

2016-07-20 - Alan Patterson

TSMC punts on extreme ultraviolet at 5nm

The company has been using 7nm as a development vehicle for EUV, achieving what it called good integration of EUV scanners, masks and photoresist.

2016-07-20 - Rick Merritt

SoftBank establishes firm foothold in ARM chip tech

Where should ARM place its next 1,500 engineers—and what could the merger mean for the semiconductor industry?

2016-07-19 - IC Insights

Mobile IC market to reach $94B in 2019

The cellphone IC market CAGR is forecast to exceed the total IC market by as much as three points during the same period.