2016-07-29 - Graham Prophet

Multi-purpose DSP enables efficient C programming

Compared to the Tensilica Fusion F1 DSP, Fusion G3 DSP shares the same base Xtensa ISA, while adding richer and higher-throughput DSP instructions.

2016-07-29 -

Beijing’s LeEco steps on US soil with Vizio acquisition

Under the deal, Vizio's hardware and software businesses will be owned and operated as a wholly owned subsidiary of LeEco.

2016-07-28 - Dassault Systèmes

French vendor takes over EM/3D CAD space with CST buy-out

The 3D design software vendor's acquisition of Germany-based CST will complement its products for realistic multiphysics simulation.

2016-07-28 - Peter Clarke

Achieving embedded MRAM, flash options for FDSOI at 28nm

Samsung's roadmap shows two phases of rollout for 28FDSOI: eFlash risk production by the end of 2017 and the eMRAM risk production by the end of 2018.

2016-07-28 - Graham Prophet

Huawei, Vodafone reach 20Gbps peak rate at E-Band

The demand for spectrum to provide higher-capacity mobile access and self-backhaul has been rising drastically due to soaring mobile broadband traffic.

2016-07-27 - Gary Hilson

Tech promises to meet rising demand for flexible displays

Dubbed "SuPR-NaP," the printing technology allows manufacturers to produce accurate flexible touchscreen surfaces more quickly and cost effective.

2016-07-27 - Synopsys

Security tool analyses web app code, data flow at runtime

Seeker 3.8 can detect known vulnerabilities in web applications' open source and third-party software components through a turnkey integration.

2016-07-27 - Microchip

Demo kit integrates low-power BLE sensor node

The kit includes the SAM L21 that achieves a ULPBench score of 185, the highest recorded score for any Cortex-M0+ while running the EEMBC ULPBench.

2016-07-26 - IC Insights

Mobile IC market forecasts 6.7% CAGR through 2019

Cell phone IC market CAGR will exceed total IC market CAGR by 3 points, according to IC Insights.

2016-07-26 - Microchip Technology

MCUs feature core independent peripherals for CPU offloading

The PIC32MM devices include core independent peripherals such as CLC and MCCPs which help enable sensorless BLDC motor control applications.

2016-07-26 - Junko Yoshida

Audio: A critical ‘intelligent sensor’ for autonomous cars?

DSP Concepts CEO Paul Beckmann says audio is “heading from pure playback” in entertainment systems to enabling “input, trigger and analytics in contextual awareness.”

2016-07-25 - Susan Fourtané

Future of logistics: DHL tests out 3rd gen parcelcopter

The parcelcopter has dealt with heavy loads, long distances, and delivery to an Alpine region, conquering geographical and meteorological challenges.