2016-07-15 - Semi

Foundries to drive chip equipment spending growth in 2017

Equipment spending had a slow start in the beginning of 2016, but it is expected to accelerate in the second…

2016-07-15 - Alliance Memory

Low-voltage SDRAM delivers up to 1600Mbps/pin transfer rate

The 8GB DDR3L SDRAM operates from a single 1.35V power supply and is backwards-compatible with 1.5V power supplies to enable…

2016-07-14 -

Global PC shipments slide in Q2: Gartner

Lenovo maintains the top position in global PC shipments in the second quarter of 2016, despite a 2.2% drop in…

2016-07-14 - On Semiconductor

8MP image sensor improves near-infrared sensitivity

The enhanced sensitivity can be critical in applications such as scientific and medical imaging, machine vision or intelligent transportation systems.

2016-07-13 - Gary Hilson

China steers global chip sales away from red

Month-to-month sales into all regional markets has held relatively steady, with China leading the way with 3.1% market growth.

2016-07-13 - None

Seoul, Hanoi to strengthen bilateral ties for IT, telco

Hanoi anticipates the cooperation with Seoul in assisting with the city’s process of construction and development in e-governance, IT and…

2016-07-12 - Larry Desjardin

It’s not mobile: What will drive 5G wireless rollout?

How does a technology that enables uber-speeds but only spans 200 metres accomplish anything meaningful?

2016-07-12 - Qualcomm

LTE modems offer low power consumption, longer range support

The chipset supports scalable software reuse to reduce design complexity, ease development costs and enable faster time to commercialisation.

2016-07-11 - Linear Technology

Step-up DC-DC converter operates from up to 25V range

It utilises a fixed 2MHz switching frequency, enabling designers to minimise external component sizes and avoid critical frequency bands.

2016-07-11 - Eric Zeman

Is Apple upgrading its iPhone base storage to 32GB?

Apple's new iPhone, due in September, won't be the dramatic refresh many are hoping for, but it will include some…

2016-07-08 - Skyworks Solutions

Aperture tuners boost antenna efficiency

By optimising radiated efficiency, the antenna aperture tuners enable higher data throughput and smaller footprints, minimising dropped calls and improving…

2016-07-08 - Tanmoy Sen, Chethan Devaraj

Building pin-level digital logic with Smart I/Os

Smart I/O offers flexibility for interconnection using the interconnection matrix. Users need not write any code to configure the Smart…