2016-11-30 - Alex Peron

RFQ Management: Shift towards more work than paperwork

Alex Peron of SupplyFrame puts things simply on changes in RFQ management: it's better to do less paperwork and do…

2016-11-30 - AVX Corp.

AVX moves to fight mineral smuggling

AVX has joined the Solutions for Hope project in finding due diligence options against illegal mining and smuggling of minerals…

2016-11-29 - Hubertus Grobbel

Smart SD cards simplify security for IIoT

Flash-memory expert Swissbit offers a simple but smart security solution for connected factories: SD cards for system identification.

2016-11-29 - Hubertus Grobbel

Retrofit legacy systems for IIoT security

Legacy systems and components with USB or SD interfaces can be easily equipped with counterfeit-proof identities.

2016-11-29 - Infineon Technologies

Eye on China, Infineon ropes vendors for IoT security

Infineon has partnered with Chinese companies and government to establish the Open Laboratory for Smart Home Interconnection Security in Beijing.

2016-11-28 - Kella Knack

Why consistency is needed in PCB manufacturing

When it comes to developing the pieces of hardware, the process is not so simple. With PCB development, the process…

2016-11-28 - Julien Happich

Invisible haptics targets augmented, virtual reality

Ultrahaptics is keen to have an impact in AR/VR, although the company admits there are limitations imposed by the position…

2016-11-28 - Kella Knack

Designing PCBs: Who owns the problems?

Ownership is at the heart of the challenge in designing and manufacturing PCBs.

2016-11-25 - Advance Riko

System calculates TEMs conversion efficiency

The F-PEM Evaluation System is designed to operate in harsher environments where thermoelectric modules are actually deployed.

2016-11-25 - Holst Centre

High-speed deposition improves display production

Holst Centre has shown that sALD can deliver semiconductor layers with better performance than physical vapour deposition at the same…

2016-11-24 - Vivek Nanda

SmCo magnet ditches rare earth elements

Toshiba has developed a samarium-cobalt magnet for industrial motors that is resistant to demagnetisation at high temperatures yet is free…

2016-11-24 - Microsoft

Windows 10 IoT lets students track space experiment

The students are researching how metal reacts in space, and this, according to Microsoft, is the very first experiment designed…