During the recent Computex 2016, Acer has announced a couple of monitors, one of which was the Designo Curve MX34VQ monitor that boasts an integrated Qi wireless charging pad located at the base of the monitor. Samsung announced a similar monitor with an integrated wireless charging transmitter in August 2015. The company aims to take advantage of the huge potential for wireless charging transmitters through this device in hopes of penetrating the market.

The announcement that came closest to a production-ready wireless charging laptop came from WiTricity. The company demonstrated a magnetic-resonance-based wireless-charging station, using a Dell laptop. The company claimed it can deliver up to 30W, which is more than enough to charge most popular laptops available in the market today. WiTricity could not confirm when these laptops will be launched, but momentum is building.

Gill Electronics also demonstrated a wireless charging solution that was similar to the one announced by WiTricity, but using a Lenovo laptop and using magnetic-resonance technology.

Further announcements of magnetic-resonance laptop-charging products are still expected later in the year, although time is running out to launch products (and achieve a meaningful volume of shipments) before the back-to-school season starts and holiday demand begins.

With magnetic-resonance products still expected to launch on laptops ahead of mobile phone solutions, and with continued momentum for inductive solutions in other applications, 2016 is building on the wireless-charging momentum from last year.