Ams has released an integrated colour point sensor, the AS7261 Jencolor, offering a complete platform for colour sensing.

The AS7261 is a CCT and full-colour sensor that provides direct XYZ colour coordinates consistent with the CIE 1931 2° Standard Observer framework, according to Ams. Its tri-stimulus XYZ colour sensing capability means, that it mimics the human eye’s response curve, known as the ‘standard observer’ colour model as represented by the CIE 1931 and CIE 1976 colour mapping systems, according to the company. The measurements of white light made by the AS7261 are typically accurate to ±0.002 du’v’ on the CIE 1976 scale.

The sensor features a multi-channel filter set integrated at the silicon wafer level, providing dark, clear and near-infrared channels as well as the XYZ colour sensing channels. It has an aperture with integrated lensing built into the device’s 4.5mm x 4.7mm LGA package, capable of delivering a ±20.5° field of view for high sensing accuracy.

The AS7261 draws a maximum operating current of 5mA and works from a 3.3V supply, according to the company. The sensor is best suited for handheld devices implementing functions such as paint colour matching, fluid color analysis, display management, light metering and other applications for portable spectrometry and colour analysis.

The AS7261 is available now in production volumes. Unit pricing is $4 in an order quantity of 1,000 units.