Toshiba has started shipping samples of new-generation transistor arrays with DMOS FET type sink output specialised for applications, including photocoupler control, LED lighting, relay drive and level shifters.

The TBD62183AFNG and TBD62183AFWG achieve high-voltage drive with input rating of 30V and output rating of 50V, suited for level shifters and for directly controlling photocouplers, LEDs, and relays by high-voltage control signals. An 8ch sink type output is incorporated into the small surface-mounting packages (SSOP18 and SOL18), enabling space-saving control of multiple circuits.

By adopting DMOS FET type output, the new products eliminate the need for a base current for the input pin, achieving operation with a low input current, 0.1mA (max), and low power consumption. They also have output characteristics similar to the Vce (sat) property of a Darlington Bipolar transistor, making them suitable to replace in-line bipolar transistors in Toshiba’s TD62083A series.

Mass production is scheduled to start in the end of September 2016.