Carmaker Toyota has teamed up with Japanese telecom giant NTT to develop, verify and standardise the technology in the connected car field.

As part of the tie-up, Toyota and the NTT Group will share their technologies, knowledge and expertise and will carry out joint research using big data to solve issues such as traffic accidents and congestion.

The partnership will focus heavily on building a global infrastructure that will support the data streams generated by the connected car market. This, according to Toyota, will involve a big data and IoT platform for collecting vehicle data, data distribution, as well as real-time analysis and processing.

The two companies also plan on studying the network topology of global infrastructure and optimal data centre deployment necessary for safe and reliable collection and distribution of large amounts of vehicle data. The Japanese partners will also spearhead tests to determine the most suitable next-generation technologies for self-driving vehicles, including 5G connections, edge computing and artificial intelligence (AI).

The initial results of the collaboration will be presented in 2018 in a field trial which will "assess the feasibility and usability of representative services for connected cars," the companies said.

Toyota's partnership with the NTT Group is the latest in the string of collaborations, as Japanese companies forge ahead with initiatives to further the connected car and autonomous vehicle revolution.

In January, Toyota announced its collaboration with Ford to accelerate open-source software deployment in cars. And last week, Microsoft announced it will license its patents for internet-connected cars to the Japanese automotive giant, its first such deal with a carmaker.