Toshiba has expanded its MOSFET family with the low ON-resistance MOSFETs SSM6K513NU and SSM6K514NU. The N-channel MOSFETs are suitable for load switches in mobile devices, such such as smartphones and tablets.

The 30V SSM6K513NU and 40V SSM6K514NU use the company’s U-MOS IX-H series trench process, which is designed to deliver efficiency across a wide range of load conditions by driving down ON-resistance (RDS(ON)) and improving switching efficiency by reducing output charge (QOSS).

The SSM6K513NU and SSM6K514NU have RDS(ON) of 6.5mΩ and 8.9mΩ, respectively. The company claims they reduce heat dissipation resulting from turn-on loss by about 40% over the SSM6K504NU model.

Toshiba SSM6K51xNU Spec Table (cr) Figure 1: The SSM6K513NU and SSM6K514NU are available with on-resistance of 6.5mω and 8.9mω  

The SSM6K513NU and SSM6K514NU can be used in electric power switching applications of over 10W, including small mobile devices that meet the USB Type-C and USB Power Delivery standards.

Toshiba LED Drive Circuit (cr) Figure 2: Example circuit using Toshiba's N-channel MOSFETs. You can control lighting by varying the output duty of the control IC.