Taiwanese storage and memory device manufacturer Adata Technology has been named by market research firm Technavio as one of the top eight leading vendors in the global memory cards market.

Important factors that impede the market growth are enhanced in-built memory capacity in smartphones and proliferation of the cloud, according to Technavio analysts. The market deceleration is further enhanced by the decrease in average selling price of memory cards, while technology advances like faster read/write speed, enhanced durability, smaller form factors and improved cost efficiency, have helped sustain the use of memory cards in smartphones and cameras.

"Vendors supply memory cards in a highly customized manner to gain an edge over competitors in terms of market share. For instance, memory cards with storage capacities ranging from megabytes to gigabytes are sold in the market. Vendors are interested in providing extremely high-capacity cards with high data-transfer rates," said Chetan Mohan, Technavio's industry analyst for research on embedded systems.

20170814_EETA_Technavio-memory-cards-market (cr) Figure 1: Technavio's top 8 leading vendors in its recent global memory cards market report until 2021. (Source: Technavio)

Adata's product portfolio includes USB drives, dynamic RAM modules and memory cards. It also caters to express cards, solid-state drive (SSD) and digital frame market.

The Taiwanese company joins SanDisk, which offers flash storage card products for electronic systems and digital devices, and Kingston Technology, one of the top manufacturers of memory modules, such as printed circuit boards with dynamic RAM, which increases the speed and capacity of computers and printers.

Also in the list is Lexar, a fully owned subsidiary of Micron Consumer Products Group, which is the largest manufacturer of memory chips in the world. Lexar's product line-up includes memory cards, USB flash drives, readers and storage devices for original equipment manufacturers and retailers.

Transcend Information has also been named in the top 8. The company makes consumer products like memory cards, adapters, portable devices, USB flash drives, external hard drives, SSDs, digital photo frames, memory modules, digital music players, card readers and wireless and multimedia products.

Rounding up the list are Samsung Electronics, which offers static RAM, dynamic RAM, display drivers and flash memory; Sony, which is among the top 20 worldwide semiconductor sales leaders; and Toshiba, which is involved in the research and development, sales and manufacture of electronic and electric products.