EDA and intellectual property vendor Synospys has won its request for a permanent injunction against start-up ATopTech.

Synopsys said the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California has issued an injunction prohibiting ATopTech from developing, using, selling, offering to sell, licensing or distributing any product that contains PrimeTime report formats or certain PrimeTime non-SDC commands, variables or attributes. The injunction also prohibits ATopTech's support of such products after March 2017, according to Synopsys.

In 2013, Synopsys filed a lawsuit alleging that ATopTech copied elements of PrimeTime's command set into its Aprisa product, thereby violating Synopsys copyrights. The court ruled that the command set elements were protected by copyright, which had been disputed by ATopTech.

In March, a jury found that ATopTech infringed Synopsys' copyrights and awarded Synopsys $30.4 million in damages.