NXP Semiconductors has collaborated with Wi-Fi solutions provider Celeno Communications to come up with a joint reference system that will pave the way for the development of high-end gateways and smart Wi-Fi extenders.

The new joint reference system is based upon a distributed access point architecture that augments the home gateway with Wi-Fi extenders connected via a wired or wireless backbone. The reference system gateway and extender components are a combination of NXP's LS1012A and LS1043A SoC platforms, and Celeno's 11ac and 11n Wi-Fi chipsets, enabling a range of configurations from cost-effective 2x2 Wi-Fi extenders up to high-performance 4x4 Wi-Fi gateways and extenders. Combined with Celeno’s ControlAIR software for device orchestration, this reference system places a whole-home, self-organised Wi-Fi solution within reach.

The gateway-extenders solution could enable green field deployments, according to the companies, while the extenders and ControlAIR could also be added to legacy deployed gateways to improve home Wi-Fi performance in the field.