LeddarTech and Integrated Device Technology (IDT) have partnered to develop and supply LeddarCore LCA2 ICs. The LeddarCore is a receiver IC within an automotive LiDAR system that enables solid-state implementations of high-performance, low-cost automotive LiDARs required for the mass-market deployment of semi-autonomous and autonomous vehicles.

As part of the agreement, IDT will leverage its expertise for component requirements analysis, architecture, design, development, characterisation, qualification and transfer to manufacturing of the LCA2.

Built into the LCA2, the patented Leddar signal acquisition and advanced processing algorithms generate a cleaner digital signal and lower detection thresholds compared with other LiDAR methods to achieve higher ranges and sensitivity at a much lower cost. The LCA2 allows automotive OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers to develop and achieve high-volume production of optimised 2D and 3D flash LiDARs aimed at sub-$100 volume prices using readily available optoelectronic technologies.

Solid-state LiDARs based on LeddarCore ICs can be customised and optimised to fit the specific requirements of the intended applications, from advanced driving assistance applications (such as forward collision warning, advance emergency breaking, automated cruise control and park assist) to fully autonomous driving solutions. These small-sized LiDAR systems can easily be integrated into standard automotive components such as front grill, bumpers, head lights and tail lights for a seamless design.