With dimensions of just 25.4mm x 12mm, the LGA80D DC-DC converter from Artesyn offers two independent and configurable 40A, 100W outputs that can be combined to achieve a single 80A, 200W output. For applications requiring higher current, up to four units can be connected in parallel to supply up to 320A as a single power rail.

The availability of both analogue and digital control functions allows the LGA80D nonisolated converter to be controlled with resistors or controlled and monitored via its PMBus digital interface. Input and output voltage specifications remain the same in any configuration. Input voltage ranges from 7.5V to 14V, while output voltage is adjustable between 0.6V and 5.2V. The LGA80D also provides typical efficiency of 95.5%.

To ease evaluation, configuration, and monitoring, Artesyn offers a PC-based graphical software package in conjunction with an evaluation kit. The demonstration board is fitted with two LGA80D modules, allowing design engineers to test independent-channel or stacked-module operation.