NI and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) have joined forces to bring to market pre-tested Big Analog Data solutions based on NI DataFinder Server Edition software and HPE Moonshot Systems.

Engineers must collect and manage sensor data that is fundamentally different than what traditional big data solutions typically tackle. The collaboration of HPE, which boasts extensive experience in computing and data processing, with NI, which has spent considerable years in data acquisition and analysis, is expected to result in the availability of a pre-tested best-in-class hardware and software combination for solving engineering data management problems and making decisions from sensor data more effectively.

Combining the HPE Moonshot Systems and DataFinder Server edition gives engineers a complete, pre-validated, tested solution to manage and analyse the complexities of file-based sensor data, the companies indicated. With DataFinder Server Edition software running on HPE Moonshot server blades, users can manage structured and unstructured data generated from any data acquisition analysis node.