Molex's hermaphroditic CyClone Panel-to-Panel Connector System is suitable for high-mating cycle connections. The CyClone connector modules feature 10,000 mating cycles, which Molex claims are ideal for use in telecommunications, networking, consumer and industrial electronics.

Hermaphroditic CyClone connectors can be used for applications that require frequent mating between parts such as copiers, printers, networking hubs and servers, and automation and industrial machinery.

Incorporating SL wire-to-wire receptacle technology, the CyClone Panel-to-Panel Connector System provides a panel-mounted solution for connector retention. The positive-lock SL housing enables retention even in high-vibration environments by fastening the SL receptacle housing inside the CyClone,

The CyClone connector ensures compatibility and mateability with no changeover of different application tooling setups. The system uses only one preset applicator machine.