EVT has introduced its three ZYNQ platforms for its EyeVision machine vision software. The ZYNQ cameras give software users with a hardware platform for every application of the software. The systems are based on a DualCore ARM with FPGA so that even challenging image evaluation in real time can be solved by programming the FPGA.

The latest member of the ZYNQ family is hardly bigger than a finger, in a housing measuring only 20mm x 20mm x 50mm. The EyeCheck ZQ smart camera can also be used for applications where there is not much space for the camera. The S-Mount adapter and the integrated illumination allows the user to realise even challenging image evaluation. The EyeCheck ZQ has 10 freely programmable IOs and interfaces such as Ethernet, RS485 and CAN.

In cases where the space is not limited, a bigger ZYNQ smart camera can be used, such as a camera of the EyeCheck 4xxx, or EyeCheck 9xxx series. With a C-Mount lens adapter and more I/O interfaces the cameras are suitable for almost all applications. For OEM clients, EVT offers also a compact board series, which can be directly integrated into the machine. For this board (IoCap) various sensor modules are available. Matrix as well as line scan sensors and thermal imaging sensors, can be selected. The sensor heads can be mounted directly onto the board or else can be connected with a flat cable to the computing module.

First published by EE times Europe.