Seoul Semiconductor Europe has announced the reference modules for Wicop Y19, Y22 and Y22P. The Y19 module consists of four clusters of 2 x 2 LEDs with a combined typical flux of 4,650 lumens. The Y22 and Y22P modules achieve 1,268 lumens with four single LEDs each. They all feature a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of 70 and a Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT) of 4,000K.

Wicop diagram (cr) Figure 1: Diagram of Wicop LED modules.  

Wicop LEDs with luminous efficiency of up to 210lm/W at 350mA are suited as light source for applications for wall washers or floodlights in the architectural space and lighting in warehouses or production sites in the industrial area. For outdoor, they can be used for street lighting, in tunnels or for the illumination of stadiums, harbours, airports or railway stations and for security applications.

Their compact footprint makes these LEDs smaller and brighter than conventional LEDs, enabling cost savings at the system level. This is achieved through its chip design with the phosphor film directly attached to the chip surface, making the previously needed packaging with frames and gold wires obsolete. This way, Wicop LEDs are also suitable for small applications.